Sandra's Website

Hi! Welcome to my website. Please bear with me, as this computer stuff is relatively new to me; I've always been more of a traditionalist when it comes to my writing, which, if we're to be honest, means I haven't quite gotten the hang of this century yet. No, there aren't any pictures up yet of my typewriter.

You can read much more about me by clicking on the button that says "About"; fancy that! In brief, though, I'm a mostly children's author, who occasionally dabbles in mainstream adult literature. My works tend to be friendly towards our military service members, and have patriotic undertones, as well as positive stereotypes towards less honored segments of our history, such as the Native American Indians.

This site is a work in progress, and I will be adding content as I can. For now, though, browse around and make yourself at home.


Upcoming Events

  • MWSA 2015 Conference in Phoenix, AZ, September 25-27


Latest Works


Stackable Paige

Don't Label Me


Mixed Up

Pickysaurus Mac

Daddy's Boots

Momma's Boots


But... What If?

Grandpa, What If?






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